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I was liking the visuals and I was following along with the song until I got distracted by a typo on your end. "That we walked in different places," should be "paces." My biggest gripe is that it seems you didn't do your due diligence in analyzing the song while animating. Based on the lyrics, it isn't about losing a lover through a death, but rather it is a mutual understanding that lovers eventually drift apart, i.e. merely a break-up.

well done. great execution in story telling

You really got me cracking up on this one!!!! LOLOLOL Fat Greg is great

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Clever. Everything ties together pretty well-- nice uniformity.
The riddle was the easiest for me, because I hate anagrams and since the game is dark it didn't seem hard to come up with the answer when the mind is already there. Loved the last answer. I wouldn't have cared for the story so much if it wasn't for that reveal. I also liked hearing the reversed music. Thought it quite fitting when the writer was talking about how others called him/her devil.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you!
I'm pleased to hear that the consistency is appreciated.

Yes, I was actually hoping a bit that the riddle would be given away by the mindset one was in. A bit of an experiment in one way.
The last answer is the first one I came up with; the whole game is based around that. I thought the idea so good that I just had to realize it in some way.

Heh, to be honest, I actually borrowed something from you for the sake of unifomrity. While I wrote some of the final, perhaps a bit more cold-hearted letters, I listened to "Return". But what I did was, I analyzed all the emotions in your track, and tried to revome those emotions from my writing, as that part is about loss just like your piece, but from a very different perspective. Thank you for that!

I've always had a thing for reverse music as well. Thanks a lot for playing and reviewing, Phonometrologist!!!

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Still amazes!

Edit: I never left... and perhaps :)

Mackievellian responds:

Yooo haha you came back! Cheers phono, see you in the discord sometime aye?

Oh nice! first time hearing this piece. I like the orchestration and the mix. I honestly need to study orchestration properly as I have yet to fully dive into it, and I find this to be inspiring.

CloakedSoup responds:

Thank you! Besides taking orchestration classes for my degree in college, I do remember reading/studying Samuel Adler's 'The Study of Orchestration,' when I was in high school. Besides that, taking little tricks and textures from some of your favorite scores and applying them to your own orchestrations is always a useful practice for getting towards the kinds of sounds that you want in your music.

This is a roller coaster of a track. No going back– strap on and let’s go.
I have to ride several times through to try to catch everything.
That counter melody at 51 seconds perks my ears every time I listen.
This really concludes well, and the heart beat persisting in the end made me laugh the first time. The piece just doesn’t want to die.
Overall, it’s a fun ride, and now I need to go ride the merry-go round so I can relax and breathe.

Mackievellian responds:

LOL. It had to be ONE MORE than expecting. The final doesn't die so easily... Cheers Phono.

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A bit reminiscent of Van Gogh. I like the textures.

ZLEAP responds:

I thankya!

Yeah, I do enjoy a lot of Van Gogh but I think there's more Clive Barker influence in this one. Although, his work does seem heavily inspired by Van Gogh.

whoa... this one is quite effective

ZLEAP responds:

I thankya. I've been arting more lately. Learning how to animate.

Reminds me of Ephesians 6:10-18

Troisnyx responds:

While I didn't consciously recall it to mind, that message is strong with me. Thanks for reminding me of it.

“Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.”
― Benjamin Disraeli

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