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I really like this one. The melody is emotive, and the arrangement is unique and fun. Structurally, you two can create some fresh music that doesn't bore at all, and it's written so idiosyncratically to your creative motifs. Even the arrangement varies as the piece progresses. Everything seems to be new. For example, I love that jazzy moment at the end, and that could have been a whole other piece to explore right there. I hope you two advance so I can continue listening to what you guys produce.
It's not a style I could pull off, nor do I have a desire to when you two do it so well. I'm listening to this on loop and it doesn't get old.

Okay look you post too many tracks and it's hard for me to keep up. I typically like to wait to leave comments after several listens, but after just hearing the first few opening seconds, I couldn't resist. Really fun stuff, and this sounds great!

Mutual responds:

Thank you so much, Phono :3

Take care! Cheers! :)

I don't really see a point in "reviewing" this other than to allow you two to know how enjoyable this is for me. I don't know what Areyai yaleai yareaiyo is, but it's sung beautifully. The tone and mood in the piano and the vocal harmonies are all so perfect.
This embodies the art of subtlety and beauty in the smallest details of life that we overlook.
prayer for the wandering soul
so perfect

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the warm words ^ ^
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Jordi's singing is beautiful indeed, and adds so much to the atmosphere in this piece. It's funny, because Jordi feels like I made the main part of the piece, whereas I feel like his vocals are the element that elevates it. It's such a different sound with just the piano, and personally, I definitely prefer it with Jordi's voice and his lyrics :3

etherealwinds responds:

Hey Phono, thanks so much for listening and leaving your thoughts. Sometimes, I just want to express emotional feelings with my voice, but attaching words to what I want to express doesn't really do it justice - sounds and syllables do! I think the first time I started singing that way must have been in 2011 or so, and I've found myself utilising this way of expressing myself more and more often as time has gone by. I consider it to be a strand of 'Etherean' which is what I call it when I sing in my own little language, but I also created some basic grammatical rules and a vocabulary dictionary for when I do find the desire or need to actually have something translatable. <3

Why am I getting vibes from Medley of a Shattered Mind in this one? I wonder if it's mere coincidence or if there are thematic similarities at all.
What makes this piece interesting is how you establish the motif several times with variations while having different phrases in between. Makes it really enjoyable to hear how you're going to return to this delicate motif each time it strays away from it. Totally unpredictable yet it has the theme reiterated enough times to keep the piece anchored throughout. Really nice.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It is a coincidence indeed, but I can hear some vibes you mentioned as well. I think it's partially because of how some of the call - response parts are structured. You know, Medley of a Shattered Mind which you inspired me to write is still one of my personal favourites.

Whenever I come up with a new idea that can work as a idée fixe, I want to repeat it in as many variations as possible, so I actually have to stop myself very early in the process (or else the whole song would be what happens at 1:34, but get weirder and weirder). I think my greatest strength and greatest weakness in composing is probably a battle the way I come up with all the variations, and the way I limit myself to make them conform to a structure that makes sense and relays what I feel like relaying. Thankfully, improvisations don't have the same limitations, necessarily (but I can't always think of great variations that quickly either). Perhaps at some point, I'll just go all out and make an insane piece :p

Thank you for the really kind words!

Been meaning to leave a comment about this.
I really don't care about the "catchy" melodic motif at 3:39 that some people have been mentioning as it is too peppy and bland for my tastes. However, the intro, middle, and ending really is enjoyable.
What's better than all of that for my ears is the moment at 3:23-3:39. That is really powerful. The mix, arrangement, and melodic/harmonic content in those 16 seconds was pure bliss. I really just want to download this track so I can carve the parts around it out and put this section on loop.
Overall, when I see the many comments about this track, you put so much into your work that there is something for everyone to appreciate and respect.
Hopefully you come and kick my ass for Round 2 so you can free me from this stressful 2 week deadline.

1f1n1ty responds:

oh so that's the "happy" part okay thanks for timestamping it lol

i'm surprised 3:23 even worked :P

I don't know what Lunacy is referring to, but maybe he's talking about how I like to throw in every stupid idea in my work. Yeah that's probably it.
Anywho, that synth at 57 seconds, classic Johnfn from your days when you won the NGADM. Very tasty
And regarding any comments about being repetitive, I listen to Philip glass on a regular basis so I don't care.
And regarding any comments being, I to glass a basis so don't.
And regarding any comments about repetitive, listen Philip on regular I care.
I think it's that piano motif constantly going for two minutes that will bother people.
The last 30 seconds reminds me of the Beatles.
Hey this is still a fun listen

johnfn responds:

HAHA yeah the last section sounded like the beatles to me too! In fact I had a whole idea where that was going to be a chorus section i repeated a few times, but by the time I had the idea I was too sick to actually record half decent chorus vocals. So I gave up and stuck it on the end. Ssh dont tell anyone

I'm assuming this is your vocals on this. You need some guitars to support your vocal style! Not that the heavy strings detract from your song here, but with this voice, I really, really want to hear it in the more traditional set up that I would expect to hear this in. Even in an industrial set up, this would sound amazing. Love the melodic material, and Johnfn is not exaggerating either in how good this is.

LunyAlex responds:

Interesting. I'm pretty self conscious about my voice and I've avoided using it, but I wanted to experiment on this one, so I just went for it.

Might take note and make a more typical new alternative rock-sort of Deftonesy song after this.

Thank you for the kind words and the input! Very appreciated!

You should collaborate with LunyAlex and get his vocals on top of this. The section from 2:35-3:35 is very enjoyable. My only gripe with this is the timbre remains the same throughout, and that is perhaps why I enjoy the section I just mentioned besides the great guitar playing of course. Hence I think having some vocals would complete the thing.
However in regards to the timbre, this is more or less my first impression, but when I go back to listen over it again, I really enjoy the progression of your guitar playing. I wonder if I would appreciate a darker tone in the mix as opposed to the higher frequencies in the distortion being so prominent. But hey it's Heavy Metal, and this is better than what I could do with the style.

JDawg00100 responds:

That is exactly why I felt a little disappointed in the song. I really wanted to add some variation to it, but I just couldn't quite fit anything in other than that section. And I think that section is great but I could have done more. As for vocals I would absolutely love that! And I appreciate the review :)

Clever arrangement. I don't listen to Dubstep, but I can tell when something is put together well, and I mostly wanted to listen to my "opponents" music. You have my respect. Everything in between the typical drops that people enjoy is what I tend to like. This one is clever, and the mix sounds great.

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thank you sir!

I was worried forcing melody into the drops would muddy the sound, but I knew people like you would be listening critically, so I risked a trickier mix in favor of that added emotion. So it's wonderful to hear you say the mixing was great. It reassures me that those decisions weren't damaging :)

Love your style. Your quirkiness works so well, and yes midimachine is right on about the guitar. I'm a fan. We need more originality like this in the world.

icantpronouncethis responds:

Thanks for checking it out. Even though the deadline for NGADM 2019 is over, I realize there's a lot of tinkering I have to do. Already made a list to add/fix for this track. Cant wait.

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