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Top 20 Finalist for 8dio Stand-Out Contest

Posted by Phonometrologist - February 23rd, 2017

I'm ecstatic to announce that I made it to be part of the top 20 finalists for 8dio's latest Stand-Out Contest out of 338 participants. 

I wanted to say thank you to Newgrounds for it is because of this community that has helped shape me into being the composer that I am today by all of your feedback and friendships. I wanted to share this with all of you. My goal was to at least make it into this group of talented composers, but I don't expect to place top 4. I had a lot of doubts that I would even get this far into the contest, and I'm very surprised and grateful.



Well done, my friend!

Thank you, sister. I still hope to plan a visit sometime!

Oh wow! That's absolutely incredible :OOO!!!
That said, considering I know the piece you submitted very well, I can't say I'm very surprised. Even so, it's wonderful news :)
Well done indeed.

It certainly surprised me, and I can give two objective reasons why without any false humility.
1.) Typically for contest pieces, you would have to grab the listeners attention within the first few bars especially when you have a lot of submissions to go through. Perhaps, I falsely accused, in my mind, people to having a short attention span and little patience to really listen through 5 minutes of music nowadays.
2.) Volume wise, I do not mix my tracks very loud. In comparisons to other tracks, I thought for sure mine would be overlooked/heard.
Oh, and because my chord progression is a bit repetitive in the beginning.
Thank you for your support, mate.
I do want to finish that collab, but no rush of course.

congrats dude. hope you win it. i'll eat my hat if you didn't get on the prize. A NEWGROUNDER IS PART OF THIS. YEEEEEHAAAH!

man, im so regretted not taking part in it, especially listening to most of those finalists and felt like 'fuck' i could've been one of them.

NGADM is still a tougher competition in my opinion. We just need more Newgrounders to participate.
For example, your "Fractal" piece could totally just as had a good of a shot as the rest of these pieces. You just needed to trim it to under 5 minutes which isn't that hard to do when you have so many ideas being stretched up to 10 minutes.
The closest piece on the list to that is "Particles."

you know what this mean? :DDDDDD

you can write music for the mainstream now, even trailer track!!!!!!


I don't think that is what it means. It just means that more ears are able to listen to my music that wouldn't have in the past. That's the point of these contests here in Newgrounds or anywhere else and that is to have that opportunity for others to listen to what you want to write.

Hey! Congrats! I wish you all the best for the final decisions. I didn´t finish to here all the 20 pieces, yet, but yours is definitely one of the most original tracks which have been chosen. Good luck and nice piece ;)

Thank you Azthar. I thought of you when I heard this track from one of the finalists:

Thought this was clever and the type of arrangement that you would appreciate. I certainly do for one not taking itself too seriously.

Absolutely amazing! Congratulations!

May many more amazing things be ahead for you!

Keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you for the encouragement. I didn't win the top prizes but it sure was a surprise just to make it to the top 20.