A City Not Forsaken Miscellaneous Song
Willow Wasteland: Fantasia Cinematic Song
Adagio for Hope Cinematic Loop
AIM - Light Enduring Classical Loop
Triumphal Entry Cinematic Loop
Penderecki's Dream Experimental Song
Mayya Malyshka Synthwave Song
Death Slumber: Lucid Cinematic Song
Enter Newground Cinematic Loop
An Autumn Dream Cinematic Song
Stand By (Orchestrated) Classical Song
Alien {Trailer} Cinematic Song
Hope (Piano) Solo Instrument Song
Bamboozle Classical Song
Lord Come Soon {WIP} Miscellaneous Song
For Love is strong as Death Classical Song
Prelude to Destruction Cinematic Song
Innocence Ambient Song
Costa Concordia Miscellaneous Song
Killing Me Softly Cinematic Song
Cecilia [Quartet] Classical Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song
Water from the Rock Classical Song
Tron: The Son of Flynn- Remake Cinematic Song
Medley of a Shattered Mind Solo Instrument Song
Improv/Prelude in E minor Ambient Song

2014 Submissions

Return Classical Song
Looking Glass Cinematic Song
Awake (Horror) Experimental Song
Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 Chopin Solo Instrument Song
Hope (Hi-Strings) Classical Song
Pareidolic War Cinematic Song
A park in Mosul Ambient Song
Hope Classical Song
Tomorrow's Lullaby Classical Song
Eintritt - Schumann Solo Instrument Song
The Place of a Skull Experimental Song
From The Ashes Indie Song

2013 Submissions

Ectopic beat Ambient Song
Psalm 32 Classical Song
Edward Scissorhands- Finale Classical Song